Benefits for our clients

Facilitate the production of high-end concrete facings, improved labor process, saved time, no health hazards, environmental friendliness.

Our advantages in 3 points:

Combine competitiveness, aesthetics of facings and time savings on construction sites while eliminating the health and environmental impact of uncasting release agents.

1. Improved aspect:

  • Reduction of air inclusion (up to 75%).
  • Removal of traces of release agents on the concrete surfaces.
  • Removal of formwork junctions.
  • Variety of facing finishes (mat, gloss and custom dies).
  • Technical solutions for specific formwork.

2. Time saving:

  • Swiftness and facility of use of our solution.
  • Increase of the rotation rate by the reduction of formwork handling.
  • pro|T|co foil or pro|T|co magnetic  can be used up to 30 rotations in precast condition.
  • No need to apply formoils and no formwork cleaning needed between the rotations.
  • Our release agent-free process is not messy and requires fewer repairs to the facings (leveling and cleaning of oil stains).

      Time saving = labor saving

3. Good for the people and for the planet:

  • The workers are not exposed anymore to the formoil sprays
  • No more pollution of groundwater and elimination of retention basins.
  • Recyclability through traditional channels.
Life cycle