pro|T|co magnetic
pro|T|co magnetic

pro|T|co magnetic is a reusable foil which is used as a substitute solution for release agents, with no input of polluants to groundwater or emission to the air on the worksite.

It is a polymer film that is complexed on a magnetic sheet and it can be easily and rapidly applied on every type of steel formworks and moulds (flat, circular, curved...).

pro|T|co magnetic not only provides an effective protection of formworks but also allows the regenerating of the formwork faces.

Once applied, pro|T|co magnetic can be used up to 30 revolutions (under optimum use conditions) or more, depending on the finish desired.

This product is available in mat and shiny version (for a glossy finish of the concrete surface).

The use of pro|T|co magnetic provides a large reduction of air inclusion, which contributes to a significant improvement of concrete surfaces.